Studio2121 DryBar: Gorgeous Hair In A Flash

Imagine yourself in the middle of a bustling metropolis, rushing towards your home to get dressed for a company party. In between accomplishing errands and mentally scanning your closet, it seems that time has already run out even before you can squeeze in the powder and lip color. You might even forget you crowning glory with the time constraints getting the best out of you. “This is quite unacceptable and preposterous!”

Hold it right there. Relax. Breathe. Your immediate relief comes in the form of a simple concept that has finally found its way to the cosmetic industry.


The Salon and Spa at Studio2121 DryBar is an innovative take on accommodating salon guests in just under half an hour – or less! The concept merely centers on the idea that customers would rather go for a quick, blow drying service than spend an hour doing it on their selves. Also, the pro quality of the end result achieved by salon experts can rarely be mimicked by do-it-yourself attempts. It simply is not worth fussing over.

The “drybar” is the middleground of paying full even for a short service and settling for less with discount chains. Dry Bar’s mantra exemplifies the “Blow out before you go out” phenomena that encourages individuals to look their best with a healthy looking hair – this time made voluminous with the expert care of their salon experts.

Salon magnate Alli Webb is the brain behind this simple yet relevant ingenuity. The blow dry maven began the Straight-at-Home business way back in 2008 to service clients personally in their homes. The set-up was strictly on referral basis. Eventually, the demand increased way beyond her one woman show, thus the expansion that is Drybar.

Others have also taken notice of the growing recognition directed towards the business that replications of the concept are growing like shrooms. However, the powerhouse team behind the brand is also quick to translate figures and projections so that they remain ahead of the game.

With the obvious advantage of being first to establish this kind of business, there is hope that despite the losses, they will continually gain leverage from their strong following and long established brand name.

To find out what the fuss is all about, surely you are itching to experience the dry bar treatment. While the competition is indeed heating up, looking good has also been never this easy and breezy!

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