Dermaplaning: Why You Should Try It

Dermaplaning is a painless and safe manual exfoliative procedure performed using a scalpel to shave the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis. This process removes unwanted velus hairs from the face commonly known as ‘peach fuzz’.


Procedure Protocol (via SkinInc.)

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient and inform them that, although unlikely, there is a chance that they may obtain a superficial scrape or nick on the skin.
  2. Have the patient sign a consent form that states the possibility of complica­tions.
  3. Clean the patient’s skin thoroughly. (See Supplies Needed.)Using a cleanser with mild keratolytic properties, such as beta or alpha hydroxy acids, will loosen dead skin and allow for a deeper exfoliation with the scalpel.
  4. Prepare the scalpel by putting a No. 10 blade in the handle. Have extra blades ready because they can dull during the treatment.
  5. Make sure the client’s skin is completely dry. Blot with facial tissues or fan the skin. If the skin has any moisture on it at all, there is an increased chance of nicking the skin, and the treatment will not be as effective.
  6. Because you are holding a scalpel to their skin, make it clear to the client that they must sit still during the procedure. (See Dermaplaning Cautions.)
  7. Hold the blade at a 45° angle, and start abrading the surface with precise movements in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is important to develop a pattern, such as starting at one side of the face and finishing at the other, to ensure that all areas are covered.
  8. After the entire area has been treated, place a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen on the skin to finish the treatment.
  9. If another peeling procedure will be used, ensure that you use extra caution; the peel will penetrate more deeply after you have removed the superficial layers of skin.


When done correctly, it results to a smooth, radiant, perfectly exfoliated skin. It doesn’t cause inflammation or skin redness after and contrary to the common belief on shaving, facial hair (or peach fuzz) doesn’t grow back thicker.

This procedure may not be suited to those with certain skin conditions so it is best to schedule a consultation first. Dermaplaning must only be performed by a licensed esthetician.

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