Hairstyles to Try this Season

Seasonal changes in the beauty industry bring in diversity for individual preferences. While trendsetting ideas in hair care thrive in variance, it is also a perfect excuse to constantly reinvent yourself. This Fall season, four haircut styles are ready to take over in a snap!


* Straight and deadly – The classic, killer hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Stylists from fashion capitals believe that this season, your flat iron will be your best friend. Rather than straightening your hair out flat with the cut, make the front ends longer to create a shape.


* Bodylicious straights – This is popularly known as the shoulder length cut with blended layers. The hair stays relatively straight, but this time, with added body and volume for that sexier appeal. It requires little maintenance, which makes it perfect for almost anyone.


* Side-swept bob – This is another classic that has gone through different innovations. Rather than leave the hair looking bland, go for the asymmetrical cut which allows the strands to move and bounce freely.


* Pixie charm – Although non universal, this cut is quite a revealing one. It is best seen on individuals with oval, square or heart shape faces. If you are the feisty type who wants to sport an androgynous loo, this is the perfect way to go all out and daring.

Whether you want to go bolder or take the safer route, the perfect cut always makes the deal throughout the season!

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