Halloween Makeup Removal 101

It’s the time of the year again for trick-or-treats and Halloween make up tricks. From bloody faces to DIY costumes, everybody’s excited for Halloween. But after the hype of the partying and the candies had subsided, all you want is to be yourself again and cuddle on your bed. Before you do, make sure that you’ve removed all your makeup as some may trigger allergic reactions when it stays on your skin overnight.

Know your Skin

The most basic thing to do is to know your skin. If you think that all Halloween makeups are for all skin types, then you thought wrong. It’s never too late to check with your dermatologist and ask for an advice for the type of makeup and face paint safe for your skin.

Makeup Removal

You can easily get rid of water-based products with soap and water.  But oil-based makeups and paints also need oil-based remover, so make sure that you also have one of each. If you’re using your basic makeup, you can use wipes or your usual makeup remover. Don’t forget to purchase cotton balls and Q-tips, and a lot of it.

Getting Rid of that Glitter

Do not rub those glitters off. Remove the glitters with a scotch tape by placing the sticky side of the tape on your skin and gently pull it. This may take long but this step is the safest way for your skin.

Dealing with Eyelash Glue

The oil-based remover will be great to take off those false lashes. Dip an extra mascara wand or a q-tip into the oil and stroke it on your lashes and on its base. The oil will loosen the glue and will allow you to easily pull the false lashes off. Do not just pull it off because this will damage your skin and will be very painful.

Remove that Latex

You can easily peel off latex paint from your skin. If you have some on your hair and want to thoroughly remove it from your body, you can just take a shower. Latex paint can easily be removed with soap and water.

Lastly, make sure to moisturize your skin after removing all the makeup and body paint.