How to Determine Hair Type and Test Hair Porosity

hair typing

Every woman wrestles differently when it comes to making their hair healthy. Essentially, the most important step in this process is to know the condition of your hair before applying any type of product.

A dry hair can be caused by chemicals or styling method applied to your hair, or environmental conditions. A dry or damaged hair can easily be recognized by its rough texture. The roughness can be caused by the hair’s dryness because it can’t absorb natural oil. If your hair’s brittle, it can easily break and looses it elasticity. To test, you can rip off a single hair strand and try to stretch it with your fingers; if it easily breaks then it could be a sign that your hair needs attention.

An oily hair is not a sign that your hair’s healthy. The oil of your hair comes from your scalp, in this case, you have to consult a hair specialist on what haircare products should you use. A way to assess the oiliness of your hair is after you’ve had a shower. To do this, air-dry your hair and after doing so, rub your finger on your scalp. If it feels greasy or if it’s coated with a thin film, your hair’s oily.

It is also important to test your hair porosity as this will determine the extent of hair damage. Technically, porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb water and other hair products that you apply to it. A porous hair quickly absorbs hair products which makes it susceptible to hair damage. If the hair isn’t that porous, it doesn’t easily absorb chemicals. To conduct a hair porosity test, get a glass of water and drop your hair strand in it. If the strand stays afloat on top then your hair’s porosity is low. If it sinks, it means that your hair’s porous.

After knowing your hair type, it is important to consult your stylist on the products that’s appropriate for your hair’s condition. There are also hair treatments offered by the salon to help eliminate these problems and bring life back to your hair!


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