How to Style Your Short Hair

Short hairstyles are becoming a trend as we see it in almost every red carpet event. But some are still hesitant to try the look as it’s really hard to pull it off. Others are also held by thinking that they can’t do much styling with it. To help you with that, we’ve come up with a list on easy ways to style your pixie or bob cut.

The Pixie Windswept. First, towel-dry your hair and apply a leave-in condition evenly, from roots to tips. Attach a nozzle in your blow dryer and comb your hair with your fingers to direct it on the side. Use a bristle brush to smoother your hair, and you can use a flat iron to bend your long strands to the side. Then push your hair on the other opposite side to create a windswept effect.

The Creamy Bob. After washing your hair, part it on the side with a comb. Blow dry the ends of your from the insides with the use of a large round brush. Use a flat iron to make sure that your hair’s moisture free. To make the ends of your hair slide sleekly, make sure to incline the flat iron.

Wave that Bob. Part your hair; it could be on the sides or the middle. After, apply a texturizing cream and blow dry using a round brush. To achieve the waves, use a curling iron and iron the ends of your hair. Continue to curl the ends and the sections for about 5 seconds each. Lastly, apply a styling wax with your fingertips to loosen the curled sections.

Add Volume. This could be the easiest and most versatile hairstyle you can do to add volume to your short hair. Start by creating a deep side and position your mostly of your hair in one side. Apply a voluminizing spray and blow dry hair with a round brush. To create the illusion of volume, use a curling iron and iron the ends of your hair from beneath.

Just follow these easy styling steps and you’ll surely enjoy your short hair as it grows. Book an appointment with your favorite hairstylist at Studio2121 HERE.