Kerastase Elixir Ultime for Damaged Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory, the perfect asset that frames your facial features and completes your over-all look. While it stays on as a semi-permanent fixture, it doesn’t take care of itself. Careful maintenance is needed because like you, it also gets exposed to harmful UV rays, dust, and every other agent that surrounds you.
Too much dryness and too much moisture both have repercussions that will lead to different levels of damage on your hair. If you have been unmindful of its condition for too long, probably it’s time to know how to take care of damaged hair with a reliable product.
The Kerastase Elixir Ultime line offers a variety of hair products that are specifically designed to revive damaged hair. It is time to stop obsessing about the myriad of ways that you can cope with the damage and just focus on one product line that offers a versatile treatment process.
The products come in an elegant packaging that really lets the beauty of your hair shine radiantly. For all around treatment that complements all hair types, there is Bain Elixir Ultime that packs in shine, softness and nourishment in one go. Another product, solely known as the Elixir Ultime also functions with versatility and can be used by anyone. As an added incentive, it has won the Allure “Best of Beauty” award in 2012 for hair treatments.
For radiating, glowing hair, you have to say goodbye to damage and hello to rejuvenation. The Kerastase Elixir Ultime line stays true to its name – “elixir”, the cure-all treatment that prolongs life.
Indulge your hair with our Kerastase treatments that transform your hair immediately. It lasts up to 4-6 weeks for all degrees of hair.

Kerastase hair treatments are available in The Salon and Spa at Studio2121 starting at $25. Book appointment online by filling out this form: