Indulgent and Distinct – Oribe

People head over to salons for hair treatments that they do not wish to do themselves. It’s not merely a matter of laziness, although the tedious process can be daunting and time consuming from the looks of it. Rather, it’s about giving complete trust to experts who live and breathe their profession.

In the salon industry, there’s an overwhelming number of services and products that tend to confuse eager customers. This is why you have to start with the essentials – the proven and tested. With Oribe Hair Products, you can never go wrong.

Oribe (pronounced Or-bay), a brand famously known in the beauty industry, is also the person behind the product line. As a Cuban-born hairstylist who has had a legendary 30+ year career, he has expertly created a line of luxury hair products that are first-rate in terms of quality and brand recognition.

Customers associate quality brands with quality services from the salon management they entrust their money and time to. The Salon & Spa at Studio 2121 is a proud carrier of this coveted brand and is equally capable of delivering first-rate services that give justice to the luxurious product line.

Oribe is all about details – packaging, fragrance and over-all safety combined.

The next time you head over the salon to avail of hair care services, make sure you indulge in the pampering that luxury has to offer.