Women’s Cut

Relaxing shampoo, conditioning treatment, 5 minutes scalp massage, and personalization blow dry style.

Women’s Cut from $55
 Men’s Cut

Relaxing shampoo, conditioning treatment, 5 minutes scalp massage, blow or beard trim and style. (We know guys like to be pampered too.)

Adult from $31
Children from $25
Bang Trim / Clean Up

We want you looking your best in between cuts too. Only takes about 15 minutes and can be usually be fit in to our schedule the same day you call.

Bang Trim / Clean Up Our Treat!!!
Blow out before you go out
Wash Blow Glam and Go from $35
Glam Hair

Chic and stylish Up-Do’s, Ponies, Messy Buns, Chignons, French Twist, Half Ups, You name it.

Glam Hair from $51
High Lights from $101
Partial Lights from $91
Retouch from $61
Color Baths from $81
Additional Services
Perms (if you must) from $81
Kerastase Treatments

Indulge your hair with our Kerastase treatments that transform your hair immediately. Lasts 4-6 weeks. For all degrees of hair.

Kerastase Treatments from $25
Brow Tinting $25
Lash Tinting $31

Up Town Brow Design $21
Upper Lip $13
Side Burns $17
Chin $15
Cheeks $21
Hairline $15
Full Face $51
Down Town Down Under Bikini $37
Almost Gone Brazilian $55
All the way to Rio $65
Arms $41
Legs $55
Great Hair Lengths Hair Extensions

Do you want longer and thicker hair NOW? We use only the finest hair available and are all 100% virgin human hair. By using cold fusion technology to apply the bonded hair to your existing hair, we are able to create a seamless look. All extension are completely custom ordered. All prices are given after a consultation between you and your stylist based on your specific needs.

Consultation $65

Synthetic Lashes
Full Set $199
60 Minute Fill $75
30 Minute Fill $39
Mink Lashes
Full Set $299
60 Minute Fill $119
30 Minute Fill $59
Blend of Mink and Synthetic Lashes
Full Set $249
60 Minute Fill $99
30 Minute Fill $49

Express Facial

An excellent choice for a quick facial treatment when time is of the essence. The express facial is designed to meet your basic needs and can be done during your lunch break. It offers the same benefits as our “Classic Facial” but just on a smaller scale.

30 minutes $45
Classic Facial

Enjoy a truly authentic European Facial! This relaxing facial includes everything your skin needs from a deep steam cleansing, exfoliation, extractions of impurities, masque and a pampering hand and arm treatment. A monthly must for stress reduction and healthy glowing skin.

50 minutes $85
Purifying Acne Facial

This facial uses a powerful blend of ingredients to produce flawless, balanced healthy skin. From occasional breakouts, to severe acne, this results oriented facial will cleanse, calm and accelerate the skins clarifying process. This precise combination of exfoliating natural fruit enzymes, anti-septic’s, antioxidants and hydrating agents opens clogged pores for deep cleaning and extractions without irritation.

50 minutes $85
Anti-Aging Facial

Our anti-aging facial delivers a high concentration of antioxidants directly to the skin, nourishing the skin with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to repair damage caused by excess sun exposure, environmental pollutants as well as the natural aging process leaving your skin with a more youthful glow.

50 minutes $95
Gentlemen Facial Treatment

Pure stabilized Vitamin C, trace elements, birch sap and other ingredients are used along with deep pore cleansing and Shi Zen D-Tox massage, to protect against pollution, tiredness, stress and premature aging.

Gentlemen Facial Treatment $45
De-Stressing Back Treatment

An excellent treatment to unblock pores, renew cells and stimulate circulation (of the much neglected) back area, while allowing you to de-stress and unwind.

De-Stressing Back Treatment $75

The results of Intreceuticals Infusion Skincare treatments are accumulative and continue to improve with repeated application. A course of six applications over six weeks is recommended to achieve optimum results. Following this, and to maintain results, applications will only be required every four to six weeks.

Rejuvenate Series $1,100
Opulence Series $1,100
Clarity Series $1,100

All series include take-home products valued up to $300.

Rejuvinate Oxygen Infusion

Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, youthful, and glowing with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a visible lift. Safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive or stressed skin.

50 Minutes $195
Opulence Oxygen Infusion

Super concentrated vitamin C and natural plant extracts safely and naturally treat the cause of uneven skin tone while revealing newfound luminosity and radiance.

50 Minutes $195
Clarity Infusion Facial

Soothing botanicals naturally help reduce bacteria to calm inflammation and redness. Helps control excessive cellular build-up and oil production while clarifying and refining the skin. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days.

50 Minutes $195
Atoxelene Infusion

Atoxelene Serum is designed specifically to refine the forehead, soften the eye contour, and immediately plump and smooth the lips. The natural amino peptide, Argirellne significantly targets expression lines and increases skin firmness.

25 Minutes $95
Age-Defying Infusion

The treatment everyone is talking about! The Rejuvenate or Opulence Infusion plus Atoxelene Infusion work together to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while tightening and firming for more defined facial contour.

80 Minutes $295

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage- A Swedish massage used light pressure and techniques that are ideal for relaxation while increasing circulation and energy.

50 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $110
Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage targets deeper muscle tissues to release tension, stiffness, and soothe muscle soreness. The technique used in this massage helps improve muscle function.

50 Minutes $74
90 Minutes $110
Mother to Be

This massage is perfect for the expecting mothers, ideally from the second trimester on. Similar to other massage styles, the mother to be massage avoids those area that should not be massaged during pregnancy, while focusing on optimal relaxation.

50 Minutes $74
90 Minutes $110
Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones have a long history of therapeutic use and spiritual healing, while also being a form of thermal and magnetic therapy, By placing the warm stones on and underneath your body they can help balance your energy centers, relax the spirit and increase circulation. Helping heal all aches and pains.

50 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $110

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that uses slow kneading pressure-point massage on the hands and feet to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

30 Minutes $35
45 Minutes $45
Body Scrubs

Our body scrubs are perfect for exfoliation and detoxification of the skin. This service involves a light Swedish massage and application of a rich salt and sugar scrub. It’s ideal for anytime of the year to smooth and polish the skin leaving you feeling fabulous.

Body Scrubs additional $35