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All About Handtied Extensions

We all follow a lot of influencers on Instagram not just because of their content, but we also love seeing women do their hair and makeup, check out the latest trends, and whatnot.

I know we can all agree that one of the popular products promoted on social media is hair products. And one hair product that will genuinely catch our eyes are these long, voluminous, and wavy hair extensions that are always picture perfect.

So we sit here and dream of having the same locks. We do our research and eventually find the right salon. However, before you head out the door, let’s first discuss some important points about the hand-tied hair extensions, shall we?

Let’s start with the basics.

It is one of the oldest methods of hair extensions. The method includes attaching a weft of the curtain of hair onto your natural hair. The extensions can either be added through weaving or threading.

If you choose to weave the hair, the stylist will have to create a row of braids on your natural hair. The stylist will use a needle and thread and sew the weft of hair to form a bond.

Threading is also another method where the stylist will have to use silicone lined micro links to thread the weft of hair to your original locks.

Can it damage my hair?

This is the question we always ask before getting any hair product or treatment on our hair. As for the hand-tied hair extensions, the answer is yes. However, the good news is it is known to cause the least amount of damage to your hair compared to other hair extension methods.

Honestly, if you worry about damaging your hair but would still want to get some hair extensions, hand-tied is the way to go.

Talk to your hairstylist first and let them assess your hair, especially if you have fine and thin hair. The hand-tied hair extension process takes a lot of time, especially if you want both volume and length. We highly recommend that you clear your schedule for the day before setting an appointment for the service.

How long does the hair extensions last?

The answer depends on two things, how you take care of your locks and how often do you want it lifted.

Let’s start with the first one; you have to take care of your hair extensions, just like the way you care for hair. Wash and style it as you please, but don’t go to bed if your hair is still wet. Also, if you feel pulling and heaviness because of the extensions, visit your stylist immediately for some adjustments.

The second thing is you have to visit the salon every eight weeks to give your hair a lift. Remember, you don’t have to get new hair every time you drop by, give them a lift, and it can last up to 12 months.

What does it feel like having hand-tied hair extensions?

The typical answer is it’s heavy. Others also share that it feels like they are wearing a headband, though it’s not uncomfortable; it just feels different because there is more hair.

Is it worth it?

Looking at the results, we would say yes it is worth it especially if you want to add more volume to your hair. There are a lot of hair extensions that you can choose from, and the options make it easier to get a hair extension from your favorite hairstylist.

Are you ready to add more volume and length to your hair? Call us now at +1 (501) 219-1086 and get the best hand-tied hair extensions for your locks!


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