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Blowout Before You Go Out

We can all agree that it is difficult to achieve a great blowout that a professional hairstylist does after we leave the salon. Is it really possible to do it yourself? We’ve read numerous DIYs and how-to posts but let’s face it, we do not have the time every day to devote solely on beautifying our crowning glory nor do we have the funds to have it done by a pro daily or as we wish.

We at Studio2121 have heard your call! We have teamed up with Kerastase and came up with what we call the Dry Bar. You can come in anytime and our creative team of hairstylists will attend to whatever style you desire for your hair. We have narrowed it down to four looks. All you have to do is choose your “Hairstyle of the Day”. Sleek lengths, wave glamour, silky smooth, or sensuous volume hair can be achieved at a very reasonable price. You can save as much as $60 on our blowout services if you sign up. Wash, blow, and GO!

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