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Bob or Bun Hairstyle: Which Suits You Best?

The biggest hairstyles this season would have to be tapered bobs and high buns. Yep! We’ve seen it in the runway, on celebrities, red carpet events, and everywhere. It is best to ask your favorite hairstylist about what is best for you in rocking a new hairstyle. Know more about the two:

To those who want a bob haircut, it is aimed about angle, layer, and style. Whether you choose to rock out a bob like Victoria Beckham or be more daring like Miley’s pixie, it surely compliments anyone who flaunts a short do. For many, it is one of the easiest options especially for those modern women who don’t have a lot of time in their hands to style their hair. Sharp features, volume, and shape is what a bob is all about. If that isn’t edgy enough, you could always add bangs!

Another hairstyle that's not going out of trend is the bun. It’s a timeless style that has proven its versatility in ages. Whether opting for a classic, sophisticated, messy, or a bohemian look there’s always a bun trick you can try. What’s great about this is that everyone can do it, in a snap! For events, try sporting out a sleek bun or add volume to it emphasizing the do with a cute headband. Wear it high or on the sides and you’re good to go. For a casual look, there’s nothing teasing and backcombing can’t do to achieve that messy bun. Twist it or braid it, the possibilities are too many.

Have you thought about which hairstyle to try this season? Let our team of experts take care of you and your hair.  There’s nothing like a good friend who knows exactly what you need and help you achieve the look you had in mind. Book an appointment now!

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