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Facial Services at The Salon and Spa at Studio2121

Practicing effective skin care habits is a good preventive measure when taking care of your own body. It is possible to create your own regimen especially with the wealth of information that is readily accessible through the Internet.

However, this is no indicator that professional guidance is out of the question. There are benefits to doing routine consultation with experts like Salon and Spa at Studio 2121 as this ensures that you are developing the right habits.

For instance, many people forego facials because they have this preconceived notion that washing the face daily is enough maintenance. However, it is deemed beneficial because it’s one way of knowing how your skin works with products, services and other external factors.

If you’re looking for valid reasons to book an appointment anytime soon, here are several points to convince you.

1. Zit-popping is a common occurrence among men and women. Sometimes, you just can’t help but pop away, only to realize later on that all the habitual squeezing has produced dark marks and acne scars. To prevent these effects, it is advised to have professional extractions instead.

With the Purifying Acne Facial, you can prevent long term damage with its use of a powerful blend of ingredients to produce flawless, balanced healthy skin. It offers deep cleaning and extractions without the unnecessary irritation.

2. Professional consultation with a certified aesthetician is also one way of knowing if there is something to be alarmed about. There’s no denying that our skin will only deteriorate through time, and the speed with which this happens depends on our level of awareness and care.

Luckily, there’s the Anti-Aging Facial to maintain that youthful glow in you. Using a high concentration of antioxidants that is infused directly to the skin, you will benefit from nourishment intended to repair damage caused by excessive sun exposure, environmental pollutants and the natural aging process.

Let’s face it. DIY isn’t always reliable especially when you have no background knowledge about skincare products. Going to salons and spas for facials do have that professional effect that anyone would want to replicate, but again, there is no guarantee that the output will be similar.

3. Rather than sulk and be bitter about having difficulties in finding the right products for you, why not go for the Classic Facial to set the standard? Truth be told, this all around package is a monthly must to reduce stress and improve your looks. This relaxing treatment includes deep steam cleansing, exfoliation, extractions of impurities, masque and even some pampering for your arms.

So what’s stopping you from finding your happy place? Find your way to Salon and Spa at Studio 2121 and indulge yourself in no time!

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