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How to Test Your Hair Type

The hair is one’s crowning glory. Whether it is straight, curly or something in between, it has its own story to tell. In fact, with different human personalities comes different hair types. Being well oriented about the classification systems makes it easier to understand your hair’s needs. This knowledge is vital to proper care and maintenance, thus you should be aware of accurate hair typing.

The Andre Walker System is widely popular in the industry. The person responsible for this classification system is Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist, Andre Walker. Given that this is a tried and tested hair typing method, you can use this as your reference.

Type 1 (Straight) – Most often than not, this hair type is considered stubborn because it is difficult to curl. On a positive note, it is also difficult damage because it is the most resilient among the 4.

Type 2 (Wavy) – Wavy hair is the grey area, or the in between (straight and curly). It has a strong likelihood to get frizzy.

Type 3 (Curly) – Curly hair is recognized through the letter S or Z. It has volume and fullness that demands consistent care to counter its vulnerability to damage, especially from climate considerations.

Type 4 (Kinky) – The outrageously curly hairstyle that is hard to tame. It is very fragile, thus planning one’s hairstyle can be a challenge.

Meanwhile, there are several factors that you need to look into so as to justify the hair type that you belong to. These are:

Curl Pattern – Determines the waviness of your hair. Helps you decide the appropriate styling techniques and regimen to keep it beautiful.

Porosity – Refers to the absorption capabilities of your hair. Helps you find the products that will maintain the right amount of moisture for a shiny look.

Density – How tightly packed your hair strands are starting from the scalp. Helps you maintain volume given the right choice of product.

Width – This looks into how thick your hair strands are. By knowing this, you can determine which length to maintain.

Length – Defines how long or short your hair is. By knowing your length, you can find the best styles that will complement your facial features.

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