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Lash Extension Care

Have a special day ahead? Want to impress all of your colleagues, friends, and family? Eyelash extensions are the way to go! These extensions are going to make you look and feel gorgeous.

Lash extensions are a glamorous new way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes, and are a practical, convenient and beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara. Those precious flaps are going to make your eyes look like they’re fluttering every time you blink.

These extensions take a lot of hardwork and effort to get done. Not only that, you’re going to have to tend to them appropriately but don’t fret! This guide exists to help you not only maintain your luscious lashes but also to make them last for as long as possible.

Tips To Make Your Extensions Last Longer

Extending your extensions should be your top priority when you first get them. Having them last only a week would be problematic. Imagine all that money you spent only for your lashes to revert after a couple of days. Make sure you stay beautiful for as long as possible by following these tips.

Avoid Perming or Tinting

Getting a perm or tinting your lashes will no longer be necessary. It could hurt your chances of extending the extensions as well. If you get your lashes tinted before you get your extensions, make sure to wait at least 48 hours before getting your extensions done.

Don’t Use Eyelash Curlers

Similar to tinting your extensions, curling them will also no longer be necessary. Your extensions will naturally look curled, and bending them. What's worse is that you may cut them in the process.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes When Washing Your Face

This is a big no-no when it comes to extending how long your lashes last. Rubbing your eyes and lashes when cleaning your face can damage them. Don’t take the risk. Clean around the area of your eyes with a washcloth instead of making sure that your extensions stay intact.

Don’t Pull Your Lash Extensions

Your extensions are connected to your natural eyelashes. Pulling off a stray extension or pulling an extension off, in general, is going to give you a wrong time. Taking out an extension is going to make you take out your lashes, as well.

Sau-NO—Avoid the Sauna at All Costs

Don’t get your eyelash extensions wet for the next 24 hours. It’ll damage them and possibly make them fall off entirely. The sauna may look tempting to go inside but make sure to let 48 hours go by before going in one.

Makeup and Your Extensions

When applying or removing any beauty products, you have to put these tips into mind as well. Trying to style them without knowing these might make you lose your natural lashes or make your extensions go bye-bye.

Choose the Right Mascara

If the extensions aren’t enough to make your colleagues say wow and you opt to use mascara, use the right type. Water-based mascara is the way to go because it washes off easily. Make sure only to apply mascara on the tips of your lashes, as well.

Cutting or Removing Your Extensions

If you want to snip off a few of your extensions, you really shouldn’t. Cutting off your extensions could lead to you snipping off what little natural lashes you had left. This goes the same for removing extensions, as well. If you don’t want your extensions anymore, then go to a professional so that they can remove it for you. This saves the hassle of having to regrow eyelashes and protects you from the embarrassment of not having lashes.

Grooming Your Lashes

Make sure you take care of your lashes and groom them. Use a mascara brush or an eye shadow brush of your choice and brush away.

Your eye extensions should be taken care of so that they’d take care of you and your looks in public. So follow these tips and take care of your lashes properly and look gorgeous no matter where you are.

What are you waiting for? The secret to a lasting extension is right on the tip of your finger!

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