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No Shirt, No Jeans, Just Hair

The beauty industry caters to a lot of needs that cut across age boundaries and preferences. While a particular business like a salon delivers a variety of services, a core specialty has to emerge. In business speak, this specialty can be your asset – the main reason why people recall your brand and both loyalists and first timers alike flock to your store.

Some entrepreneurs aspire to be the jack of all trades, but then they end up a master of none. Trying to please every single customer that comes your way can be counterproductive if your over reach and over compensate. Remember that the needs you aspire to address should always be in line with that core competency.

Just a quick rundown of the benefits of specializing in a key defining asset:

It gives us better leverage in promoting our business; we easily achieve expert status given our focus driven trainings and applications; we attract a handsome number of customers who need our services simply because they recognize our core specialty; this allows us to get to know our customer base better because there is a likelihood that a good percentage will be repeat comers; this allows us to showcase our strength as a salon business, thus letting our personality shine at that.

So what’s your specialty? Ours is the “NO SHIRT NO JEANS JUST HAIR” mantra. It envisions a salon that solely focuses its attention to your beautification: from your face to your crowning glory – the hair. No segues, no attempts to over achieve, no other areas of moneymaking that divide our attention. With our core specialty of treating our customers’ right by customizing our services to their preference, we give you the best experience given our competent staff and our innovative approach to pleasing our guests as they come and go.

“NO SHIRT, NO JEANS, JUST HAIR” – because you deserve our undivided attention.

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