NovaLash Candied Lashes

The Salon and Spa at Studio 2121 has something new to offer for Little Rock’s beauty patrons. Now you can add sparkle, glitter, and glam factor into your daily look with LASHcandy™ by NovaLash: A Sweet Treat For Your Lashes

NovaLash’s exclusive LASHcandy collection adds some glimmer and shimmer to your already fabulous lashes. The delicious, hand-dipped, freeze-dried and crystallized lashes can be worn day or night for a delicate sparkle that lasts up to 2 weeks!


No Shirt, No Jeans — Just Hair!

“NO SHIRT NO JEANS JUST HAIR” – because you deserve our undivided attention.

The Salon and Spa at Studio2121Little Rock has the “NO SHIRT NO JEANS JUST HAIR” mantra. It envisions a salon that solely focuses its attention to your beautification: from your face to your crowning glory – the hair. No segues, no attempts to over achieve, no other areas of moneymaking that divide our attention. With our core specialty of treating our customers’ right by customizing our services to their preference, we give you the best experience given our competent staff and our innovative approach to pleasing our guests as they come and go.


How Pro Makeup Artists Work their Magic

It does take artistry to pull off a profession in beauty and the arts. It also requires the client’s trust to start building that working relationship. The next time you’re rushing to a party or simply wanting to bring something new to your look, you might want to stop by for a makeover. Professionals are well equipped with knowledge and skills to offer a wide range of services. While they can multitask, there are also individuals who can fuse this with their specialization. It is great to work with people who are skillful in their own right and are flexible enough to take on the challenge.