Indulgent and Distinct – Oribe

In the salon industry, there’s an overwhelming number of services and products that tend to confuse eager customers. This is why you have to start with the essentials – the proven and tested. With Oribe Hair Products, you can never go wrong!

Oribe (pronounced Or-bay), a brand famously known in the beauty industry, is also the person behind the product line. As a Cuban-born hairstylist who has had a legendary 30+ year career, he has expertly created a line of luxury hair products that are first-rate in terms of quality and brand recognition.


Royal Carribean Getaway!

Imagine your salon time as the perfect way to cap off the week. You do your usual rounds of pampering and get greeted by familiar faces.. all the while knowing that you’d love to come back to that experience as often. What if you have relatives, friends and acquaintances who would want to feel that same excitement and anticipation? What if we tell you that your loyalty will be rewarded greatly?

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How Pro Makeup Artists Work their Magic

It does take artistry to pull off a profession in beauty and the arts. It also requires the client’s trust to start building that working relationship. The next time you’re rushing to a party or simply wanting to bring something new to your look, you might want to stop by for a makeover. Professionals are well equipped with knowledge and skills to offer a wide range of services. While they can multitask, there are also individuals who can fuse this with their specialization. It is great to work with people who are skillful in their own right and are flexible enough to take on the challenge.


The Essentials for Color Treated Hair Maintenance and Care

While the brazen are quick to experiment with their hair through cuts and styles, there are those who prefer to go consistent with color treatments. Coloring your natural hair does alter your looks and it lets your personality shine. Once you go through repetitive sessions however, you also have to make sure that you keep it healthy and presentable all the time.

Here are the essentials for keeping up with the maintenance work – all for the sake of your crowning glory!