Indulgent and Distinct – Oribe

In the salon industry, there’s an overwhelming number of services and products that tend to confuse eager customers. This is why you have to start with the essentials – the proven and tested. With Oribe Hair Products, you can never go wrong!

Oribe (pronounced Or-bay), a brand famously known in the beauty industry, is also the person behind the product line. As a Cuban-born hairstylist who has had a legendary 30+ year career, he has expertly created a line of luxury hair products that are first-rate in terms of quality and brand recognition.


No Shirt, No Jeans — Just Hair!

“NO SHIRT NO JEANS JUST HAIR” – because you deserve our undivided attention.

The Salon and Spa at Studio2121Little Rock has the “NO SHIRT NO JEANS JUST HAIR” mantra. It envisions a salon that solely focuses its attention to your beautification: from your face to your crowning glory – the hair. No segues, no attempts to over achieve, no other areas of moneymaking that divide our attention. With our core specialty of treating our customers’ right by customizing our services to their preference, we give you the best experience given our competent staff and our innovative approach to pleasing our guests as they come and go.