The Best Short Hairstyles for Men

Modern men are more daring to try bold haircuts and distinct looks but you don’t have to keep up with trends to stay fashionable. The shaved sides haircut trend is a of hairstyle for men that’s becoming more and more popular. Applicable to short or medium hair length, the hair designs can range from tall slick pomps to stylized line up undercuts. There are plenty of ways on how to wear a short hairstyle so you can get creative with your hair’s transition in length in between salon visits. Experiment with various haircuts and designs until you find your very own unique style that works for you!


The Aggressively Short Buzz Cut

mens buzz cut

A buzz cut’s wash-and-dry practicality makes it a style preferred by men who are constantly on the go. Short haircuts that look presentable even without the use of any hair product are perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle or those working under a strict professional environment. Keeping this hairstyle will require a visit to the barber every 3-6 weeks depending on your hair growth.


The Fresh Line Up

high fade razor haircut

This hairstyle is all about intricate razor work. Expert skin fade is done from forehead down to the neck. Hair designs vary from shaving sideburns and temples to creating ‘surgical part’ for side pomps. Precision is key when it comes to this detailed barber technique.


The Short Side, High Volume Top

shaved sides hairstyle

This particular style gives the old hipster look an update. The high pomp suits all hair types but works best with thick hair. The fade or taper shows a smooth transition in length.


The Disconnected Undercut

disconnect undercut

The term disconnect is a type of short haircut for men showing extreme contrast in length. This traditional “high and tight” military cut has been given a trendy makeover thanks to Hollywood celebrities and runways of high fashion brands. A contemporary disconnected finish typically features shaved sides that’s cut all the way down to the skin leaving only a small top part long enough to be styled.


The Taper Fade Pompadour

vintage pompadour hair

The crew cut, slicked back or side part hairstyle of the 1940’s – 1950’s era became extremely popular due to men serving in the military or were mainly inspired by cinema stars. Dubbed as Hairstyle of the Year 2015, the Pompadour is an all-time favorite retro modern look for men who are into vintage dapper style.

A taper fade pompadour is characterized by a short buzz cut near the neck with a razor line up in front and a carved side part. Using a comb and the right pomade, you can easily achieve a classic combover fade. Simply create a high pomp volume in the front with your hair swept upwards and brushed back to the sides.


The Messy Combover

mens combover hairstyle

The medium length allows you to to have more fun when it comes to styling. Hair products with a matte finish gives your locks a messy yet casual look. Other options include going for the usual classic route; a sleek combover pomp using high-shine pomade.

This cool updo is one of the top hairstyles for men in 2014. In male hipster fashion, The Bearded Gentleman Style is a combination of a short slicked back combover hair and a groomed beard.


The foundation of a man’s style is his haircut. Whether you’re going for an easy to maintain functionality, minimum prep time, or a finishing touch to complete an ensemble  whatever your goals are, a distinguished flattering hairstyle that suits you is always attractive!


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Before sitting on that salon chair, make sure to let your barber or hairstylist know of your personal preferences. For a more accurate description of your pegs, you can also bring photos with you.


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