The Essentials for Color Treated Hair Maintenance and Care


While the brazen are quick to experiment with their hair through cuts and styles, there are those who prefer to go consistent with color treatments. Coloring your natural hair does alter your looks and it lets your personality shine. Once you go through repetitive sessions however, you also have to make sure that you keep it healthy and presentable all the time.

Here are the essentials for keeping up with the maintenance work – all for the sake of your crowning glory.

If you come fresh from the treatment, you’ll be instructed to keep your hair as it is for at least a day or two. Do avoid washing your hair post dye-ing to ensure that no pigments from the dye are sipped off.

 Your hair does get dirty, thus the build up of components. These could strip off the luster of your strands. Use appropriate products that take out the build-up effectively while never dulling the shade of your color.

Unlike what they say in commercials, shampooing every day is a no-no. You have to do it every other day at least so that the natural oil build-up will commence. You need the oil to keep the moisture, so lathering up would only cause more problems.

 Your choice of brush is also important to keeping your hair shiny and bouncing. Not all brushes are created equally because each hair type is suitable with varying products on the market.


As much as possible, lay off the heat and other products that have harsh chemicals in them. Once hair is colored, you would expect that its quality is also altered. Do not make things worse by piling on one chemical after the other, more so with frying up your strands to complete dryness.

Color is about vibrance. These essentials are what you need to make the color stay on longer while keeping the hair full of life. Once you follow all these, you’ll have a happy hair day all the way!