Trendsetting: A Rising Clamor for Hair Extensions

In the beauty industry, endorsements from people who have actual experiences with a product or brand is used as a basis for future reference. Just the same, the present demand for Great Lengths Hair Extensions serves as a validation that more people are joining in the fun. With increased awareness of the satisfaction rendered by a brand, it comes to a point that you can’t help but take notice.

As of September 2013, record sales are already in sight, and there are still roughly 3 months before the year closes. As expected, along with this strong performance comes the possibility of more expansions around the UK throughout the two decades that the company is operating.

To quote the managing director of the brand, Carol Leo, in an article post at

“Our sales team focuses on gaining new salons and works very hard with them to kick-start their business when they come on board. It is up to us to encourage salons to sell Great Lengths’ enhancements to their clients.”


The Great Lengths brand is synonymous to ethical conduct – something which is monumental in this day and age. The worldwide recognition for the brand has pleased many hairdressers who can now rely on non-synthetic, natural hair extensions for their services.


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