Your Essentials For A Lush-Full Treat

Any talk on beauty essentials will take you to a lot of trends that have come and go. There are also mainstays that do not fail to make their mark with the changing of seasons. For instance, there’s the fierce runway look, the easy breezy spell of summer and the colorful ensembles for holiday cheers. June, being the ideal wedding month has also seen a trend among women in the form of lash extensions.

If you haven’t given it any thought, you should try out this “lush-full” treat yourself! Once the wedding season is in full swing, you’ll see the flurry of activities in salons with customers waiting on their turn. Even if you’re not walking down the aisle anytime soon, the benefits of getting extensions can be enough reason for you to splurge. If you are a newbie, here are some essentials to consider before jumping into the bandwagon.


Research – Once you find a salon that has received positive reviews from past clients, verify if the experts are licensed aestheticians or cosmetologists. With this covered, know everything there is to the business: how they operate, what consultative process you’ll go through and what packages are available for varying needs.

Resist – While the urge to pull can be strong, always resist this. Any touch that borders the excessive may get you worked up to the point that the well being of your natural lashes are compromised. From tugging, picking to twisting, all these can cause damage. If you simply can’t take the intrusion, go to the professionals and have them removed expertly.

Maintain – Even if you have new extensions on, never neglect your own lashes. After every shower, reshape everything back to its original place. Use growth serums or eyelash conditioners so that the lashes remain healthy.


Enjoy – Once you have your lashes on, have fun with it all the way! Experiment with the different touch-ups that artists can do to them. Be versatile, bold and daring. Most importantly, flaunt what you’ve got and make sure it lets your personality shine!

Here at Studio2121, getting an eyelash extension is done by our certified lash technician. Full set starts at $149.

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