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Are you wanting to add volume and length to your hair NOW? Have the hair that you have always dreamed of with hair extensions!

We offer several different application methods based on your specific goal and budget. 

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Hand Tied Extensions

We are certified in Hand Tied Extensions from the salon that started this method. 


Cold Fusion Technology

Mostly considered as THE BEST there is! Ultra sonic vibration is used to bond the protein to your existing hair to give you a seamless look while preventing damage to your hair. 

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Tape Ins

Tape Ins are a great way to quickly add the length and volume to your hair while at a more budget friendly price. The quality of the hair is extremely high but the time it takes to install is very short which is why they are normally priced so competitively. 


How much does extensions cost?

Extensions are completely custom to your specific needs and goals. The length and volume of your current hair, the length and amount of extensions needed, and time all go into the final cost. We have done extensions for $500 to several thousand. After you and your stylist have your free consultation, the price to create your look will be given then. 

How long do extensions last?

Depends on which application method you choose and how well you take care of them. We have had clients that have worn cold fusion extensions for over 6 months and hand tied for much longer. 

Will anyone tell I have extensions?

We are highly trained in not only applying the hair extensions but also blending them with your existing hair. This is where some less experienced stylists fail. 

How much does a consultation cost?

Our consultations are FREE! 

How much maintenance is involved?

With cold fusion you just need to brush them. There is no maintenance. With hand tied and tapes you will need to come in to have them moved up after your existing hair grows longer. 

What kind of hair do you use?

We carry nothing but the finest quality of human hair that anyone offers. We do not carry anything synthetic or of poor quality. 

How soon can I get them?

Since they are custom to you, we do not have any hair extensions in stock. They are all special ordered and can be overnight shipped to us. Then it is just a matter of making the appointment.


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